Digi PortServer TS MEI and telnet via serial port using GSM-modem

Hi, I am a novice with the Digi PortServer TS MEI so can you please give me some additional details about how to get an ability to change settings of device through GSM-modem connected to one of PortServer serial ports. This GSM-modem is also used for access to serial device conneted to another port of PortServer.

I have no access to device through embedded modem or LAN now but I need to change some settings. The problem is that when I’m trying to connect PortServer using remote access connection from Win2003 Server I get error message: “Error 737: Loopback detected” What’s wrong?

And how to configure PortServer properly to have ability to use telnet or http via one of serial ports?

Thanks in advance.

What application is generating that error message?
Is it coming from the cellular connection?

To configure the TS MEI devices, it is easiest if you can do it through the web interface, so that you can view the built in help information.
If you need to (or want to) do it via the serial port, you should start with using page 14 the manual. this is online at this link if you need it:

There is also much information available through using the knowledge base at this link:
I recommend using only the keyword search.