I can no longer remotley control my device which connected to TS Mei after rebooting (power cycling)


I connected three devices to the Digi (Portserver TS Mei) serial ports and everything were working fine till I rebooted (power cycled) the DigiPort.

After rebooting, I can no longer communicate with the connected devices through Digiport.

In the log file of the digiport shows some response when I send some signals to the connected devices. I can see that the signal sends correctly, but the devices do not react as they should.
For example, when I send a signal through the digiport to power off the connected device. I can see by the log file that the signal sends to the right place but I got no effect on the device. The device continue on…

I got through the command reference manual and test different things but got no where.
Could you please recommend me a set of commands that I can test to get it working again?

I want also to add here that I got response when I ping to the ip address of the DigiPort.


You might want to run a loopback test on the serial ports: