Port Server TS MEI UDI issues

I have several Port Server TS MEI’s and I want to use some of them as UDP ports. It works fine on one, but when I try and add another device the default ip address and ports conflict. Do I need to change the IP addr & port, or Just the ports? What is valid ranges for that can I make them 10, 100, 1000 off from each other?

Also I would really like to do some loopback testing on UDP, the software I am using only tells me when the device is working and has no debug. I know how to do real port PUTTY loopback for RS232 and RS422, but am stumped on how to open the UDP port for a loopback for testing.

Are you connecting via UDP to the serial ports on the PortServer unit or is the PortServer unit establishing a UDP connection to a server on the network?

At any rate, for UDP server configuration (i.e. incoming connections to the Digi serial port), the default port is listed when configuring the UDP Socket profile on the serial port, where 2101 = port 1, 2102 = port 2, etc… You cannot have multiple connections open on a single port simultaneously unless you have the port sharing feature enabled (Configuration > Serial Ports > Advanced Serial Settings > Allow multiple systems to simultaneously connect).

For UDP Client configurations, you can provide the IP address and port to send the serial data to. It does not appear to complain about duplicates here (although there should not be any reason to list the same twice).

For testing, you will need something that will establish an UDP connection, such as netcat.