PortServer TS MEI assigning IP ports to serial ports

I am trying to configure my PortServer TS MEI to have 4 seperate serial ports. Each serial port is addressed by an different IP port. Is this possible? I have only be able to get the first serial port to route modbus to the modbus device. If I try to plug the device cable into a different serial port on the PortServer it fails.

Any ideas?

try uninstalling and reinstalling the digi unit. By the way, how does your modbus work and what exactly is it? I keep reading about it being used in a catalog, but just can’t visualize the concept.

Yes this is possible. From commandline mode this would be known as altip, that is, giving each serial port a unique IP address.

This article has some information on setting that up on our old Porserver model:

The same would be possible with a Portserver TS MEI, though the syntax may have changed slightly over the years. Here’s a link to the current commandline manual: