Digi TS 16MEI : Realport 38400 speed to slow


Can anybody help me I use RS232 communication Realport

Program connects trough digiport to a device that works at 38400/8/N/1 speed, but digiport tries to use 7200 as baud rate.
Closing program and using hyperterminal to connect to the device com port digi detects 38400.
Closing hyperterminal and relaunch the normal program to communicate with the device then the digi detects the right setttings but the transfert rate is really not 38400 it goes very slow.
When I use my serial port on the computer to connect to the device using the same program and cables it directly functions and goes very fast.

Can anybody help me why digi doesn’t detect my device at the right speed and when it does why goes it that slow.

When the TS serial port is set to Realport mode (dev=rp), the port is controlled by whatever application is accessing the psuedo-serial port (example: com 11, etc.).

As far as why its slow, I’d recommend making sure your firmware is up to date first of all, in case this was a bug fixed by a later version of firmware. Also, make sure your Realport driver is up to date as well.

If neither of those steps help you resolve this, I’d recommend contacting Technical Support if you haven’t already done so.