Digi WR21 port forward (PPTP <-> LAN)


I have a few WR21 units connecting to the internet using 4G/LTE and a VPN Server each connects to so I can manage them easily from a single point.

Once WR21 connects to the VPN Server (PPTP) I can make a Port Forward (809X -> 80 or 443) to access the management web portal of the WR21.

:8091 <—> WR21 :443

Everything works, but I also need to access a LAN device attached to the WR21 (e.g. web camera).

How should I configure the unit so I can receive the RTSP traffic from LAN to Internet, using PPTP?

WAN IP : 10.x.x.x
LAN : defaults (

Using the info I found on Port Forwarding didn’t help. Any tips so I can achieve :

:8554 <-> :554 <-> :554

Thank you.



You might need to use OpenVPN to achieve this because of limitations.


I would love to use OpenVPN but it’s not working (see my other question here : http://cms.digi.com/support/forum/71138/digi-wr21-openvpn-client-on-a-mikrotik-openvpn-server )

Limitations? I think it’s a matter of getting the settings right because I can reach the configuration web page of the WR21 using a port forward on a Mikrotik router after the WR21 connects to the VPN server using PPTP.

Maybe it’s the default gateway? On another setup where in place of a WR21 I’ve used a USR-G806 I can reach the devices behind the 4G router just fine.

PPTP might have some limitations with Port Address Translation (PAT). I am not sure 100% the exact restrictions but OpenVPN should work.

As for your OpenVPN question, I would submit that request to tech.support@digi.com.

I finally figured it out and was such a simple thing. I wonder why tech.support@digi.com isn’t answering their emails.

So how did you finally get it to work?

You need to add a Static Route :
Configuration - Network > IP Routing/Forwarding > IP Routing
Your server’s VPN as the gateway and as the destination, make the Port Forwarding on both ends and that’s all.

Good luck!

Using the info I found on Port Forwarding didn’t help. Any tips so I can achieve–https://klantenservicetelefoonnummer.mystrikingly.com/blog/foutcode-135011-wanneer-ik-me-probeer-aan-te-melden-bij-microsoft-office