DIGI XBee Pro S2C as a coordinator bricked and stop working for no reason


We are experiencing a strange behavior when using XBee S2C Pro as a coordinator. Our current network setup :

  • One gateway with XBee S2C Pro as a coordinator,
  • 200 XBee S2C Pro device act as router, intensively communicating 24/7 back and forth with coordinator,
  • Between coordinator/router, the only communication method we use is only “transmit request” frame,
  • Firmware version is 4059.

After a few while (it’s occur multiple times, duration’s vary from a few days to a month), we found that the firmware in XBee pro S2C is bricked for no reason. No device reset nor power cycle will helps. The hardware is intact, because it could be re-flashed using “XBee recovery” tools in XCTU. we have try this in multiple XBee devices.

This is some serious reliability issue as we couldn’t afford the gateway to be constantly “recovered manually” if we stumbled upon the same problem.

Anybody have the same problem?