DigiMesh 2.4 TH MAX payload Size

Hello Digi Forum.

I’m working on a project with an S2C device set as DigiMesh 2.4 TH, firmware 9002.

As mentioned in this post (http://cms.digi.com/support/forum/62161/what-is-xbee-s2c-digimesh-maximum-payload-size) but, I believe, not properly answered, what is the maximum payload of this device??

ATNP returns 0x49 and indeed, XBee S2C DigiMesh 2.4 user’s manual mentions that ATNP response will be a constant of 0x49. However, in many parts of this manual is said that the payload is 255 bytes minus some values depended of some parameters, i.e. Network hops and etc.

As I could see, the MAX payload size of the device is really 73 bytes. That’s it? or there’s a way to improve the payload.

Thanks in advance!

That’s the max payload you can have in each Tx API frame. The only way is downside by enabling encryption.

You may consider using Transparent mode (AP=0) and everything you will dump to module will be transmitted to destination node. You don’t have to worry about Max payload under each frame in this mode.