Xbee S2C: payload uint16_t [4800] possible or not ?

I want to know if anyone knows if I can send a picture of 80 * 60 (uint16_t pixel depth) at once by xbee (S2C <–> X2e or X4)? With the following payload:
payload uint16_t [4800];
I would like to know if it’s possible ?
Best regards.

The maximum payload size that is supported using API mode and Fragmentation is 256 bytes and 84 bytes using transparent mode. If you can break up the packet into small 84 byte packets and re-assemble it outside of the radios, it should work. Just understand that a Zigbee mesh network is designed for sending Very small byte size data over multiple hops very infrequently.

Thanks a lot, for your response and your time.