XStick® 802.15.4 & XStick® ZB payload size! Help!!

Hello! I’m new with Zigbee, so I will be doing some basic questions

I want to build a small star network (one coordinator and 5 slaves). I need to send a large message that in fact I have to split into several messages before I send it.

The thing is, the less amount of messages the better! So the payload size is really important for me to choose the right stick.

According to the standard from IEEE, without using security header and using short address, the maximum Payload is 118Bytes, but I have seen that using xstick 802.14.5 (or that I understood) the maximum can be in fact 84Bytes, the question is: Why? It doesn’t agree with the zigbee standard specs!

Can I build a star network with xstick ZB and/or xstick 802.15.4? does the ZB stick handle only digimesh protocol?

Also, I have seen that with digimesh, the payload can be up to 256Bytes, but as it is proprietary I don’t know what limitations can I have!? Is it only about compatibility with others providers? is it because I won’t be able to modify the firmware or anything else without contacting the provider?

And to program both Xstick ZB and 802.15.4, what software tool do I need? could be zigbee operator? could it be using Visual Basic? If so, What librarys do I need?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I would suggest you to go with XStick ZB because Zigbee devices in API mode has maximum data payload of 255 bytes.

It can be configured in star topology.

You will need X-CTU software to configure parameters in any of these devices. It can be downloaded from Digi’s site for free.


Do you have an example of an application in API mode?

Usually, I’ll use XStick to just monitor and configure an existing ZB network.

One example can be like sending some analog values from a remote module using IO pins to XStick. And then some code will listen to its serial port and save the incoming data.