Digimesh AG (Aggregator Support) not updating end device DH DL

My coordinator and end devices are all XB9X-DM with FW 9007.

I am trying to have the aggregator/coordinator/master node broadcast it’s address to the subnodes so they know where to respond.

From the coordinator serial console, I build an ATAG command frame with the coordinator’s MAC as the parameter as follows;
7E 00 0C 08 01 41 47 00 13 A2 00 41 8E BC 77 B7

After sending the frame the console shows a Status OK response.

None of the end devices update their DH/DL values, nor do they transmit the Aggregate Addressing Update frame out the serial port.

I have tried setting all DH/DL to 0xFFFF, discrete addresses and default. I get no discernible change.

Is this a valid use of the AG command? Does the AG command work?