Can DigiMesh do a star network?


For my application, the nodes are mobile, the networks are ad-hoc and their application role is universal. The role is determined by the GPS location of each end device. Each end device is placed at a location for a day or so. The number of end devices is not constant. The required data rates are low. Each device then needs to adopt its role, connect to the network and communicate with the coordinator device. In the future, end devices may need to communicate with other end devices.

Most of the time my application could use a star network. One coordinator device sends commands to end devices. The classic star network.

Sometimes one or more end devices will not be in-range of the coordinator, but will be in-range with another end device. A tree network would work.

The ad-hoc and dynamic network requirements make Digimesh a good fit.

My question is, can Digimesh be configured to attempt a star network by default? If an end device cannot reach the coordinator directly then revert to a mesh/tree network?

That is actually how it works. Simply set the desired DL and DH values and the module will figure out on its own how to get the data there. Oh and leave the TO command at the default C0.

I should have read the manual first which says"In many applications, many or all of the nodes in the network must transmit data to a central
aggregator node. In a new DigiMesh network, the overhead of these nodes discovering routes to the
aggregator node can be extensive and taxing on the network. To eliminate this overhead, you can use
the AG command to automatically build routes to an aggregate node in a DigiMesh network."

So setting AG, DH, DL achieve what I want to do.