Digimesh broadcasting not clear for me

Hi there,
I got a question dealing with using broadcast on digimesh network.

Currently I have the following configuration:

  • 1 module in AT mode (which is a kind of global station) configured as router
  • several modules in Transparent mode configured as routers.

I would like to send a particular command to all modules at the time but I have a doubt about broadcast with address ending with FFFF …
Is the command received only once by each module or is the command received several times as they are all broadcasting the info?
If the answer is the second one, how can I address all the modules so that they receive only one command from the station?

Thanks !!

Each radio will only respond to the packet once. That is to say, a router will receive the Broadcast packet, perform the necessary function and re-transmit the packet. Any nodes receiving the packet more than once will discard the duplicated packets.

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Manu thanks mvut that’s clearer now!
ont more question … I know I can broadcast to all modules, I know that a module can unicast to particular address but is it possible to braodcast to only a bunch of modules, let’s say two for example?