Digimesh Coordinator SPI_ATTN

I have network that contains 1 Coordinator and 20 routers with digimesh firmware and API mode , in my network I send broadcast data to all router , I initiate FRAME ID to zero value for not receive response from our routers
But when I monitor spi_attn pin , it falling one time and when I use function to receive xbee data with spi , it hasn’t any data
Please help thank you

Are you trying to communicate via the UART or SPI port?

Have you checked your API frame with XCTU’s API generator to make sure it is correct?

I’m using SPI port to connect my xbee
In the Router when I monitor spi_attn pin and reset xbee module, spi_attn has falling edge and xbee module send to mcu Modem Status (0x8A) frame and I receive this frame and waiting for another frame from coordinator by spi_attn monitoring…
But in the Coordinator when I do the same way by monitoring spi_attn pin, when I reset xbee module, spi_attn has falling edge but it doesn’t send to mcu any frame
Thanks for your help

What are you doing to receive the frames?

Hello again , excuse me for my delay, I was in hard sickness for long time
I connected spi_attn pin to mcu gpio that is sensitive to falling edge , in mcu code when I have falling edge from xbee module, I read spi xbee buffer until is equal to 0x7E (Start delimiter) then I read length bytes (2 bytes) and then Frame ID and depends on Frame ID, I readother bytes until checksum

Can you help me ?

GPIO pins are not SPI pins. You really need to connect a SPI slave to a SPI Master.

My Microcontroller is SPI Master & my xbee module is SPI Slave , aren’t they ??

That would depend of if your processor has a SPI port or just GPIO lines.

Are you sending 0xFF’s to the XBee’s SPI port?

My mcu is Stm32f407vet6 and it has SPI port and my xbee module is configured as coordinator, and depends on DIGI document when spi_attn has falling edge it means that xbee module has data and mcu should receive that , my problem is when I monitor spi_attn pin , it has falling edge one time and when I use function to receive xbee data with spi , it hasn’t any data!

thank so much

What I would suggest is submitting a Case to Digi Support. Make sure you include exactly what you are sending on both ends and what it is you are seeing.

Hello ,
OK thanks a lot