Xbee S2C Pro SPI Settings

I am trying to interface Xbee S2C Pro with the microcontroller Raspberry Pi Pico through the SPI communication protocol. Kindly guide on what are the settings to be done from XCTU side such that a successful communication can be established. I tried the configurations and was getting received data as 0xff only. what might be the problem? I have 2 xbee devices one which is coordinator which is interfaced with the microcontroller while the other is the router.

When using the SPI port, ALL data is to be in the Digi API frames. So if you want to receive data, send 0xFF. If you want to send data, then you need to use a valid API frame.

I tried the above mentioned solution and it still doesn’t return any data. Is there any other detailed way in which it can be executed. Kindly guide.

No. Not with the SPI interface. ALL data being sent via the SPI is done using API frames. Also the data would have 0xFF need to be sent to read data from the SPI port.

Okay So I had one more query based on the reply. There are certain settings in XCTU for SPI enabling. Like SPI_ATTN, SPI_SSEL, SPI_MISO, SPI_SCK and SPI_MOSI. What are the values to be set such that the above mentioned solution can also be implemented in addition to this.