SPI Configuration


I have two XBee S2C modules, one is connected to a microcontroller (LPC1769) and the other to a PC with the XCTU. The microcontroller’s SPI communication it is fine because I checked it with an osciloscope. My problem is that I send data to the XBee module with the microcontroller and I can’t see it in the other XBee module with the XCTU console.

After connecting the XBee to the microcontroller I configured it’s SPI pins, so I don’t know where the problem could be. It’s necessary to quit the pull-up resistors? Which is the suggested clock frecuency?



No but you do need to send the data via the XBee API format. You also need to send 0xFF’s to read any data on the SPI port.

You also need to enable the SPI port on the XBee module for that to work. If you have not enabled it, then that could be an issue.