Digimesh device connection limitiations

I have been searching high and low and have yet to find the answer to what I believe to be a simple question. How many devices can be on a single digimesh network?

Thank you in advance.

Hmm, the answer is “as many as your application, protocol, and data volume allow”.

I would say that 50 nodes is quite easy/brainless - however I would NOT plan on moving more than 10 messages per second.

Yes, you can move LOTS of messages per second (almost 100?) and you could have thousands of nodes, but then you need to very carefully design you application to CONTROL who talks when, plus you will probably need radio-sniffers and so on such that you can confirm your software is following your own rules!

the problem with all wireless is it is much like the old hub-based Ethernet. You can push throughput only up to some magic point, at which time there are so many collisions and retries that your data basically can STOP moving.