DigiMesh : Could 120 nodes send 20 bytes of data every second to a gateway?

Hello, could I use DigiMesh for make one network of 120 nodes, all sending 20 bytes of data each second to a gateway?
Thank you

What Digi mesh product are you referring to? Keep in mind each product has different data rates and supported throughput.

Also over how many hops are you talking about?

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Hello, i’m thinking in the S2C module with DigiMesh protocol.
2 hops max, all nodes are in a 50 meter (max.) radius from gateway (in a open space, no walls). All nodes are in wireless range of the gategay.

I’m afraid of the 32 nodes table in each module, of the 120 nodes will be there two groups of 32 that will not have gateway in their tables?
Can gateway get 120 messages of 20 bytes each second?

Thank you for response.

So a 100m distance RF LOS. Depending on which Digi mesh product you are referring to, I don’t even see that as a hop at all. That is 2400 bytes per second plus over head. I would need to know which product you are referring to too know if this would work or not.