XBee S2 DigiMesh 2.4 - network performance simulation tool ?

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I’m looking a way to simulate/estimate network performances (worst latency and throughput) a cluster of 200 mobile nodes. Nodes are XBEE S2 DigiMesh with PCB antenna.

I know that (a lot of) parameters can affect performance (mobility speed, data payload, number of hop, transmit power, buffering, sleep, ACK, destination with broadcast …).

But, despite that, is there some engineering rules to estimate it ? a tool ? … goal is just to get an idea. Does the only way is to test it in real with 200 nodes ?

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I am not aware of any tools that can simulate a 200 node network. What I would suggest is contacting Digi Sales to arrange a way to perform your test on the Digi K-Node.