DigiOne E-Net-Serial-E-Net Bridge?

I have two DigiOne (TS old name) boxes which I am looking at to make an e-net bridge with a serial RF modem link in between. I’ve read through all the posts here and it seems that I should be able to do this, but I don’t see any good Digi documentation that adequately describes the process, or my boxes are so old that their firmware doesn’t support this application. Any suggestions?

What is the exact model - I don’t know of any TS Old NAme Digi One’s. Also, the firmware code would help.

Are you planning on using PPP? If so, you’ll need to handle routing, having each end on different subnets.

If you hope to have some magic where every packet (even broadcasts) move from site #1 to site #2, the Digi One or TS line won’t do this.