Digital Input capture speed

I am implementing a simple program, where an analog testing device will send me a Start signal by pulling an input low, then start sending pulses to a different input. It’s my job to count the pulses while the first input is low, and then store the pulse count for later upload to a PC.
It’s a simple enough program, but the analog device is going to send the pulses at 100 Hz, and I’m wondering if I can get away with using one of the digital Inputs on a BL2000 to capture the pulses, or if I’ll need to implement the counter through another means.
I haven’t purchased hardware yet, but I think it’s either going to be the 2000 or the RIO development kit, which apparently comes with a sample program that shows how to use event counters to accomplish this. (This is a one-off for use in a lab, so I think the development kit can be put in an enclosure and used, as-is).


  1. Will the Digital Inputs on the BL2000 toggle fast enough to reliably allow me to count the pulses at 100Hz?
  2. Is the Event Counter sample program essentially a version of what I need, or am I misreading the description? I can’t find a downloadable version of the program to assess.

Thanks for all your help.