Fast counter on BL2100

I am beginer and I have a problem!
I have BL2100 and I must counting external pulses.
I have two sources of squre pulses and frekvency of pulses are about 100 Hz.
I need to count it and in the same way I have to use two analog inputs for measure temperature.
How can I count external pulses, and can I use analog inputs at the same time?
I tried to count it using dig inputs but frekvency is to high for it.
How can I use interrupt?
Can anyone please help me?

100 Hz is not too fast, it should be countable. What you can do is create a while loop. In that while loop you call the count function that reads the digital input state every cycle and remembers the previous input state. The next cycle you compare if there is a difference in the state and that is when you increase your counter. In fact this is how you detect an edge. Good luck.