External Interrupt and PWM on Rabbit 2000

Hi, I am working with the BL2120 computer Board (Rabbit 2000). I need to implement a pulse counter using an external interrupt, as well as a PWM signal to control the speed of a DC motor. I have been looking at the sample code and I found PWM.c & EXTINT_2000.c . Both examples show the features for each type of interrupt however I saw that for the PWM code they set PE4 as an input controlled by PE5 (Set as an Output). Now PE5 is the only available external interrupt pin I could use for the pulse counter.

My questions is: Is there any way I can implement both interrupts on the same board, but using PE5 to capture the pulse train interrupts, and a different pin to output the PWM generated from the Timer interrupt or is the PWM timer interrupt tied to PE5 in any way?