PWM Problem cannot output PWM signal through different external port


I am working with a B2100 Computer Board using the RDM2300 module. I need to implement a PWM signal and a pulse counter. I wa looking through the rabbit samples, and I found you have 2 example codes for each of these functions:


The problem is that both codes use the PE5 pin, one for the PWM output, and the other program to capture the pulse and trigger the interrupt. Due to this I decided to output the PWM through a different port (Pin 0 of External Port DOPA 0x0001) and get the pulse through the PE5 pin as an external interrupt (just like it is on the sample). I basically removed the settings applied to enable PE5 & PE4(which is not clear to me why they even set this PE4 pin) and in its place I am trying to use Pin 0 from external port DOPA (0x0001) of the computer board (I call this port PortA on my code). Also I replaced the code on the interrupt routine to output the signal through this pin but it is not working. I have tried “BitWrPortE” and assembly code, but none of these are working. After programming the board with no warnings or errors whatsoever, I can change the dutycycle with the keyboard for a few seconds, but after that the board stops detecting the keystrokes of ‘d’ & ‘i’ to decrease of increase the pwm dutycycle repectively. At the output there is no response at all, not even at the beginning when the system detects the keystrokes. Please find bellow the changes made to the code. Please tell me what could be wrong with it.