Nube ? RCM5700 & PWM

Hello Forum - after trying to search for PWM - a few different ways and getting nothing (PWM is too common?..) - I have descided to start my own thread.

I am using the Dev kit for the 5700 - and my pet project - probably not to become a product but I would have a client…

Anyway - is it me or is there no way to access all 4 PWM channels using the Interface Board - annoyingly ONLY bit 4 of the Parallel Port E is Missing (PWM0)

And it seems that you can not use PP-C even though all of the PWM channels are “there” but PC6 and PC7 are used for USB comms. So I get no output on these using the PWM samples.

Am I reading this right?

I really would not be interested in developing my own Interface Board so any guidance here would be helpful.

On a related note - is it common to use the standard interface board in a final product?

Unfortunately I cannot comment on you PWM problem.

On a related note - is it common to use the standard interface board in a final product?

Only in small quantities (my feeling is less than 10 units) and it depends on the cost sensitivity of the product. But that is only my oppinion.

According to the Rabbit 5000 microprocessor User Manual, PWM0 can be output to PC4, PD4, PE4, or PH4. PE4 & PH4 are not available on the RCM5700, so you can choose either one of the others. But you don’t have to have all the PWM outputs on the same parallel port, so you can put PWM0 on PD4 and PWM1-3 on PE5-7 (as one example of how to configure it).

Hello Sgt - thanks for the reply - I had posted this a while ago but this is rather timely -

I have collected most of the power side components for the project and a driver board. Ready for the controller - driver interfacing then proto assy.

I will be synchronizing all 4 channels for an H bridge output - so I hope running the pwm on 2 different parallel channels will not cause any problems, will have to watch the signal timing.

I’ll post the results.

Thanks again