RCM6700 8th PWM output

I am working with a RCM6700 series module, and for my purposes need an 8th PWM output pin. I don’t need to use them all at the same time, but I do need them all independant. Channel 0 PWM only has one output pin specified by default. I have noticed that every RCM4000-5000 and 6000 seem to have this same limitation.

Given that I can use the last four pins of PORTS C D and E by default, is there.

A) any way to specify other pins in the pwm.ini library that will be used as the PWM output ports beyond the last four. And if so, where would I find instructions on how to do this?

B) a way to use something other than the built in PWM functions to get triggered by the PWM interrupt (I think that is how the PWM is generated)

C) An alternative RCM board that has all of the PWM output pins available for use.


There are only 4 PWM channels. The possible pins available for PWM are listed in the Rabbit 6000 processor manual.

You will need to match these with the available pins on any Rabbit core module you are looking at using.