Interrupt on BL2600

Could somemeone tell me how to use interrupt with BL2006.

What pins should I use?
I don’t understand link between interrupt pin and PE0, PE1.

I did not be able to make work the Dynamic C sample.

Thank in advance

The only two input pins on the BL2600 that have external interrupt ability are SBC pins IN00 or IN01. These are connected to processor ports PE4 and PE5 respectively. The EXTINT_3000.C sample program will need to be modified to use PE4 instead of PE0 and PE5 instead of PE1. See section 7.10.1 of the Rabbit 3000 User Manual for coverage of the external interrupt pins and the control registers I0CR and I1CR.

To get the EXTINT_3000.C sample to use PE4 and PE5, change

  WrPortI(I0CR, &I0CRShadow, 0x09); 
      // enable external INT0 on PE0, rising edge, priority 1
  WrPortI(I1CR, &I1CRShadow, 0x09);
      // enable external INT1 on PE1, rising edge, priority 1


  WrPortI(I0CR, &I0CRShadow, 0x21);
      // enable external INT0 on PE4, rising edge, priority 1
  WrPortI(I1CR, &I1CRShadow, 0x21);
      // enable external INT1 on PE5, rising edge, priority 1