Digital IO pin stuck at 50% VCC

I have XB24CAPIT-001 (S2C) modules loaded with 802.15.4 FW (version 2001). Network is build with 1 coordinator and 2 endpoints. Line passing is configured on DIO0-4 as it is described on the Digi Knowledge Base articles. Coordinator has the input and endpoints have the output. All DIO have pull down resistors enabled.

For DIO 2-4, they’re stuck at ~1.61V on the coordinator unless the input is commanded high (pushbutton). After the command is completed, those inputs return to 1.6V and will not go low. I’ve made all three of the Xbees coordinator and they all have the same issue for DIO 2-4, so I imagine I have a bad setting. I’ve done everything I can think of outside of without success. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.