Digital Output Source Problem BL2010

I am attempting to use my BL2010 to source voltage on the Digital Outputs.

I have relocated R32 0-ohm to R34 as directed in the user’s manual.


#memmap xmem

#class auto



digOut(0, 1);
digOut(1, 1);
digOut(2, 1);
digOut(3, 1);
digOut(4, 1);
digOut(5, 1);
digOut(6, 1);
digOut(7, 1); // <– break point set here so the code doesn’t exit.

When I use my voltmeter on J9 pins 0 through 6, they all measure 0v.
I have 24v applied to ‘K’ on the J2 header.
I was expecting to measure this 24 volts on my digital outputs.

What am I missing?
Thank you

It turns out my BL2010 was not populated with the necessary transistors and resistors to use the Digital Outputs as Source Outputs. I contacted support and they provided a schematic, which solved my problem.