Digiweb module : add HTTP headers

Is there a way to add customs http headers when using digiweb module ? We can only specify the mime type and the message.

Is it possible to have the source code of digiweb module or to know how to handle server response to add custom headers ?

Unfortunately, the ‘digiweb’ is a firmware hack (okay - hook), so the code is actually an extension of the product’s own web server written in C/C++/Other. So there is no source code you can do anything with, plus it is not even supported (yet) on all products.

For detailed web server function, you’ll need to use BaseHTTPServer (or other tools) to create your own web server.

hello, you may want to go to your Dia directory and navigate to the directory containing source code for the various presentations.

For instance, navigate to \dia\src\presentations\web and check out “web.py”.

In particular, look at the WebRequestHandler() class to see if that is what you are looking for.