Digiweb stops responding

I have write application in python to periodically retreive data from sensor. Additionaly I register web callback routine to read data and return it in XML form. After some period the web callback routine stops responding I receive response:

Object Not Found
Object Not FoundThe requested URL ‘/dms’ was not found on the embedded Digi ARM device.Return to last page

Regular response should be:


Is there a way to trace errors in runtime if I set program in Auto-start? Do I have any view inside execution environment?

I am doing M.Sc Electronics in Madurai. For my Project i am using Digi Drop in networking kit . I have finished Python programs . Now my prof asks to disp temperature and light values that i have acquired form Router in to Web page index.html. Unable to understand Digi web usage. Please help me with your examples. Please do this favour , my id is pankaj@gaurishiv.org

Yes, if you have the script set to auto-start in the ‘set python’ command, it will direct its sys.stdout and sys.stderr output to the trace facility built into the system.

You can then view the results by connecting to the CLI of the device and enabling trace with ‘set trace state=on’. This will cause the output to print out from the printf mask as a critical message. Since critical messages are on by default, you will not need to change the ‘mask’ parameter.

Hope this helps.

Thank’s for the tip. I would certainly use it. In mean time I found the problem I have. I missed in one place to put try/except statement on ddo_set_param. It happened because battery died on remote sensor and the sensor stops responding. In that case ddo_set_param bails out with Exception.

Thank’s for the help anyway.

I’d recommend registering for then downloading the iDigi Dia python app, since it has examples to read the temperature/light values built into it. You can download this here: http://www.idigi.com/resources.jsp

thanks for your valuable suggestion…
i have one doubt that iDigi Dia python app will work in Connecport X4 gateway or not?
waiting for ur reply

You can also try and download the Digi ESP for Python and iDigi Dia. It is a graphic IDE recently released by Digi that contains the iDigi Dia app with lot of other features, examples, tutorials and getting started guides to ease the development process.

Read this post:


Kind regards!

The Dia works great on an X4, the X4 and X8 are really the two products it was initially developed for and runs on them admirably.

I do second the use of the Digi IDE. It’s a great tool and getting even better all the time.

If you use X4/X8, you should look at the Digi ‘watchdog’ module:

It allows you to reboot the gateway should particular threads halt due to a try:except: issue.

The X2 doesn’t have this because it lacks the external hardware to make it reliable.