DIN and I/O Line Blinking


I have an XBee Pro S1 (XBP24-ASI-001) and I’m only doing I/O line passing with it. About every 6 seconds, any output line that’s on, blinks off for roughly 1/10 of a second.

If I connect anything, including an unconnected wire, to DIN, the blinking stops. Right now I’m pulling DIN low through a 5k resistor and it’s not blinking.

Should I pull it high or low? Is there something that is happening that could be stopped with a certain setting?

I’m only using DIN to program my XBee. I’m only doing I/O line passing and when I don’t have my programmer plugged into DIN, I don’t have anything connected to DIN.


Try using a Sample rate instead of change detect on your Digital Input side. Also don’t leave any Inputs floating. They need to be Tied to Ground.