Xbee i/o line passing


I have a pair of Xbees that work when sending from one terminal to another, but I’m trying to do I/O line passing on a breadboard. I only need 4 i/o pairs but I might as well get all of them to work. I’m doing digital inputs on the remote unit by setting all the DIO values to 3, and digital outputs on the coordinator by setting all the DIO values to 4. Except DIO5 on both of them was left at 1, for the association indicator.

For now, all I want is to see the DIO output LEDs change when the DIO inputs change. What I actually see is on the coordinator (receiver), none of the output LEDs are lit (regardless of what the inputs are) but the association light is solid for about 5 seconds after powerup and then starts blinking (that means it’s associated) but if I try to put an LED on the remote (transmitter)'s association pin, it does not light. After I try this, ATAI has the value 2 for the remote xbee, but 0 for the coordinator. (After serial communication, both are 0.)
I’m following this Digi webpage:

They give the following example:


DL = 0x1234
MY = 0x5678
D3 = 0x3
D4 = 0x3
IC = 0x18
IT = 0x2
IR = 0x32

   DL = 0x5678
   MY = 0x1234
   D3 = 0x4
   D4 = 0x4
   T3 = 0x64
   T4 = 0x64
   IA = 0x5678 (or FFFF)

In addition to following the example, I adjusted the following parameters:

Remote (transmitter):

*A1-End Device Association was put at 7 (0b0111), so it should be able to talk to any xbee, the addresses and stuff shouldn’t matter.

Coordinator/base (receiver):

*CE-Coordinator Enable is 1

*A2-Coordinator Association is set to 7 (0b111) again so it could talk to any xbee.

Both of them:

*R0-Packetization Timeout was set to 0, I don’t want packets, I just want output LED to change when input LED does.

*As mentioned before, not just D3 and D4 were set to 3 for the remote and 4 for the coordinator, also D0, D1, D2, D3, D4, D6, and D7 were set that way. D5 is 1 for both of them, so I can see the association indicator.

*IT-Samples before TX is 1

*IC-DIO Change Detect is set to FF. I want to monitor all pins for changes.

*IA-I/O Input Address is set to FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF (with no spaces.) I definitely wouldn’t want packets changing outputs.

*Also for both of them, NI-Node Identifier has the value ROUTER, and IU-I/O Output Enable is 0 because I don’t want the output coming out the UART, I want it coming from DIO0, DIO1, etc.

Or maybe the problem is the connections I’m putting on the breadboard. I tested the breakout boards to make sure they were working. Here are my connections:

Vcc to +3.3V (note: right now I’m not using a regulator, just direct 3.3V)
(RESET)’ high (though I’ve tried it both ways with no luck)
GND to ground
DIO1 through DIO7: (for the inputs) connected to either Vcc or GND, except for DIO5 which is unconnected except when I put an LED on it
(for the outputs) all have an LED and resistor to ground.

I can take pictures and/or video if requested.

I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance

They’re Series 1, with firmware 10E6

I have exactly same situation. Does anybody know how to help us?

Hi, I found that it started working. I suggest that you revert to factory settings, then follow the webpage exactly, and also make sure the Vref pin is connected.