Direct Access to Registers in Digi ConnectME

I want to be access and configure all of the GPIOs available on the device. To do so, I need to be to perform bitwise operations on two registers, PORTA and PORTC.

What is the easiest way to do this?

My answer would be that you have two distinct options, as follows:

Option one: Look in the hardware reference manual for the device on which you are working. Get the register address of the register you need to update. AND or OR in bit updates as needed.

Option two, use the APIs NAgetGPIOpin and NAsetGPIOpin. These APIs are described in the API reference guide in the BSP section (Hardware/BoardSupport\Device Drivers\Signal MUltiplexing and GPIO\GPIO\Functions

I have tried both routes. From the documntation that I have found, I could not find a chart of actual register addresses, adn the API commands do not work.