Disable Micropython

Because of parts shortages I was unable to get hold of the parts I need for my product. Normally we use XBee Pro S3B 900HP (pn: XBP9B-DMST-002 / XBP9B-DMWT-002), but was only able to get a few XBP9B-DMSTB002 which comes with MicroPython. We are having trouble getting the modules to recognize other XBee modules because it seems like the MP is holding up the discovery process.

I have tried re-flashing the firmware and putting our settings on the modules, but they still do not seem to associate.

Is there a way to remove MicroPython and have the units function like a non-MP unit?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The part XBP9B-DMSTB002 does not come with MicroPython. There are no 900Mhz products from Digi with MicroPython yet.

The part you bought has a secondary microprocessor MC9S08QE32CFT on board. This can be programmed with CodeWarrior https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CodeWarrior and Digi’s Programmable XBee SDK.


You will need to install the above programs to access the documentation. Please note some people have had issues with Digi’s version on their website and an update to CodeWarrior is required:


I believe there are example applications that will allow you to run it in a mode to functionally “disable/put in pass through mode” the secondary processor however I am unsure if you can load this without a separate debug programmer. https://www.pemicro.com/products/product_viewDetails.cfm?product_id=15320180&productTab=1

Personally, I would not use this part if you haven’t specced it in. Mouser is showing stock coming in October… Out of curiosity, how many pieces were you needing?

Nicholas Wilson
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Yes there is a Transparent application that will do that. But you do need to use an XBIB-U-DEV board along with a P&E Micro BDM Programmer/debugger to upload the code with. You will also need the Code warrior software with the XBee SDK as well.

I need about 20 DMSTs and 10 DMWTs to get me through until the next re-stock from Digi. At this point I am having to buy used units with older Revs just to be able to try to cover existing orders. Any new orders are going to have to be back ordered which is going to kill my business.

Physically it appears that the only difference between the two models is the microprocessor. Could I just unsolder that and have the XBee work like a normal DMST?

I believe you can as long as you are very careful. But that will void the warranty on the product as well. What I would suggest is talking to your Sales person. They are your best advocate and may be able to help you locate parts.

I may have a handful of recovered out of warranty XBP9B-DMST-002 available cheap.

Reach out to me on my website and we can continue the conversation there if you want.

Obviously they are recovered and out of warranty but I understand this may be better if you can’t get the part.

Nicholas Wilson
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