XBEE -PRO 900HP - Can't communicate with XCTU -- HELP!

Got the Xbee Pro 900HP digimesh kit… and can not communicate with XCTU

The module part number is XBP9B-DMWT-002, using the grove board…and other USB connections

Bought the kit through Digikey.

XCTU sees no device, tried recovery then says there is no boot …tried all 3 modules in the kit…same deal.

What is wrong?

I had no problems with the digi meshkit 2.4 modules … working with pycharm, loads, runs fine…this part cant even get there.

I may have missed this, but do any xbee pro modules run micropython? seems like they dont.

or are they all either programmable or driven by an outside controller?

Wanted better range and getting stuck with this part at square one!

Please Advise

Could you describe the problem better? Any connection diagram or image for better understanding, have you used the XCTU software?

Is it possible the pins are misaligned in the headers of the interface board?

Are the LED indicators on the grove board behaving as expected? Could this be a driver/Windows issue? Is the COM port enumerating properly under device manager? Have you tried swapping a board from your previous kit to see if the board is bad? If you can’t get this resolved I suggest contacting Digi at tech.support@digi.com

Hi, thanks for replying…

Did a reboot, retried starting with one module…that connected with xctu…added second module…also connected

testest via terminal in xctu and they communicate…so not sure what hosed up things initially, but its working this far!

realized that this PRO module needs a host to drive it using a program. I originally was using the digimesh host 2.4ghx modules that would take a python program…

So not ready to use this actually yet…looks like people use arduinos to run an up with this…

Is there a 900mhz PRO module that has the python control built in?

The XBee3 version radios have micropython on board as well as Bluetooth low energy (BE).
(RF Modules | Wireless Connectivity Solutions for Remote, Low-power, Secure IoT Product Designs | Digi International)
While there is programmability on the XBee3 and the XBee3 Cellular, there is currently not a 900MHz radio with micropython built in.

hmmm…wish they had a module 900Mhz, longer range, and with micropython capability…it would be perfect for what I want…
well, maybe need to start playing with an arduino to control the 900MHz guy…
I’m in a design/eval/ test mode currently.

Was hoping to solve the problem at hand with the one module…