Unable to communicate between two modules (XBee Pro 900HP-200K)

I have a pair of XBee Pro 900HP-200k (XBP98-DMTUB002) that I can’t get to communicate via the radios. Both modules communicate fine via the serial port and can be discovered in XCTU. However, I can’t get them to find each other as a remote module in XCTU.

The test setup has one module connected to a PC via the SparkFun XBee Explorer USB and the other module is on a SparkFun XBee Explorer Regulated board standing alone.

I’m using the default configuration parameters, which by my understanding should be sufficient for the two modules to talk over the radios.

One observation that concerns me; when I press the commissioning button on the standalone module, the Receive Error Count (ER) increments on the other module.

Any thoughts on why the two modules will not communicate?

First off, both of these are programmable radios and not standard 900 HP radios. Next, in order to read them as remote radios, you must be able to communicate with them from the UART in API mode. The programmable will not let you do that unless you write an application and port it over to do that.