disable xbee transmition at weakup

im new to Xbee .
i work with pro s2B in Sleep Mode SM=4 Cyclic Sleep as an end device .
i also Configured (Sleep Option)SO = 0x04 - Enable extended cyclic sleep.
In addition i configured IO sampling rate IR= 150 ms (5DC).
That way my xbee is sleeping for 10 min and weakup for a single broadcast and then after 150 ms i get another broadcast and go back to sleep .
My question : Can i disable the on weakup broadcast because i use only the second transmition ?
(i have a sensor attached to the xbee that gives true reading only after 50 ms … so first broadcast is ussless for me …)

But why do you need to send two?

Why not just push your IR rate out to 300 then and just get the one reading?

I have a sensor attached to the analog pin .
after the xbee weaks up i must wait 50 ms to get the sensor
initiate to get a correct reaing …
so the first reading is not usfull because the sensor did not initiate yet …
the second reading after 150 ms gives a correct reading .
for low power consumption im trying to get only one broadcast after 150 ms with the correct analog reading .