Xbee PRO 900HP wont stay in cyclical sleep mode.

Using an XBee PRO 900HP (firmware 1074)

I am trying to get it to go into a cyclical sleep mode. E.g. SM4

I’ve set SP = 300, ST = 1, SN = 1. I can tell the
module wakes up every 3 seconds. Great so far.

When I turn on data sampling. E.g. D1 =2 (AD1) and IF=1 the module wakes up and starts sending data, but it never goes back to sleep.

I’ve noticed that with all the above settings it will initially sleep after power on, but once it wakes up that first time it wont go back to sleep.

I’ve successfully used XB24/XBP24 modules to do the same and had no problems.

Looked through the manual for the module and I don’t see anything that would cause this.

Anyone seen this before ?


Check your IR value. I bet you are sampling on a continuous basis.

Yes, that was it. Was set to 1. And I “guess” as long as there is ‘traffic’ the module extends the sleep by what ever is set in ST. Hence it never went back to sleep. Thank you.