End Device Sleep Mode keeps reverting to SM=1

I’m having (another) frustrating problem with my programmable XBee (S2B). In order to use the power management features, I want to use the device in Sleep Mode 5 (CYCLIC SLEEP PIN-AWAKE). However, every time I upload new firmware to the Freescale, it seems to reset to Mode 1, which means that the gpio interrupt is working but it no longer wakes on packets. What gives??

Bumping this because I’m seriously stuck. I can provide screenshots if Digi doesn’t believe me :slight_smile:


In prgroammable XBees it is recommended to use the provided API to configure the SM modes. Did you check the provided examples? Are you using the latest SDK version?

Ok, still not 100% what happened but I think maybe I had the Sleep Cycle setting on the coord too low. It seems to be working now. Thanks for your help!