Xbee did not working cyclic sleep mode for a long time.

Hello, everyone.

i’m in trouble.

I use Xbee zb series2 with my project.
Topology was very simple. Just one coordinator, one End-device.

Transmit mode was API mode.

and I tried setting Xbee cyclic sleep (SO:6)

It’s wake up every minutes. (SN: 3, SP:7D0)

also I give same sleep settings End device and coordinator (SN and SP).

and power supply is made stable over USB.

I used latest firmware version.

In the beginning it’s worked nice.

but after about 2 to 10 hours?

Xbee not send any data.

It looks like freezing.

I want to check Xbee status.

so I used logic analyzer.

but electronically no problem.

I think this problem is S/W.

Please help me!!

What firmware versions are you working with? Are you able to issue any Remote AT commands?

Thank you for your answer.

This is information about your mentioned.

-firmware versions-
End device is XB24-ZB ZigBee End Device API 29A7 (Newest)
Coordinator is XB24-ZB ZigBee Coordinarot API 21A7 (Newest)

End device
ID: 1
SC: 10
DH: coordinator address
DL: coordinator address
NH: 1
AP: 2
SP: 7D0
SN: 3
SO: 6
D0: 1
D5: 5
IR: 0

ID: 1
SC: 10
NH: 1
AP: 2
SP: 7D0
SN: 3

Rest value is setting default.