Cyclic Sleep setting

I have an Xbee module loaded with firmware 2641.
When I try the cyclic sleep in the test board it works. I set the SM = 4 and it behaves as expected. I execute IS and no problem with that instruction. (Current setting is D0=2,D1=2,D2=2,P2=5)

The problem is when I install the xbee in any other board (protoboard). I connect the xbee only in pin 1 and pin 10 just to power the module. Here I have problems. When I send SM=4 for some reason it resets the whole module.(Current setting is D0=2,D1=2,D2=2,P2=5)

Do I need to have some special connections to some pins on the XBee for setting up the cyclic sleep?

I appreciate your response as I am stucked with this.

If the XBee works in the development board and not in the prototype board, one possibility is a power supply problem on the prototype board. To check this you could look at the power rail with an oscilloscope, or just experiment with adding extra capacitance at the input and output of the voltage regulator.

Thanks John for your response. Power supply is fine.
In digi support they mentioned, that the problem is that I am using firmware 2641. Instead I should be using end device or router firmware.
Now I am using firware 2841, cyclic sleep is fine but I have issues with IS command.
Anyways, thanks for your response.

Just wanted to note that in the 2x6x ZB firmware release, selecting an End Device type firmware in order to be able to use the sleep parameters will no longer be necessary, as Router and End Device firmware types will again be combined (like they are in the ZNet 2.5 firmware).

That being said, what problems are you having with IS?

Thanks for your prompt response.
I loaded the 2841 and now I am having some issues when executing IS command.

Settings that I have:
D0 = 2
P2 = 5

The output of the IS command (API remote command) I get is:


The issue is that the digital input mask is saying that bit 12 = CD/DIO12 is digital input (>10 00<) . This is incorrect as I have set the P2 as a digital output default high(P2=5). Also I noticed that I cannot change the value of P2(P2=4).

I do not know if there is a bug in the firmware with the IS command or maybe I am not allowed to execute IS command in this firmware.

I appreciate your response.