Firmware End device API version 29A7 not working in cycle sleep SM=5


Hi all,
I opened a post regarding this issue without an exhaustive answer.

My xbee serie2 device programmed as “end device API” is not working in extended cycle sleep SM=5 SO=4 options.

It sends to the coordinator about 6 packets every 40 second even if I programmed it to send just 1 packet every 3 min.

This is my config I use by XCTU utility:

End device API: xb24-ZB ,version 29A7
SM=5 (extended + pin wake),
ST=1f4 (500 msec)
SP=7D0 (20 sec)
SN =9 (9x20 =3min)
SO=4 (extended cycle sleep)
IR =3e8 (1 sec so I should have 1 packet every SPxSN since ST =500msec )
DI0=digital input
pullup =1ff

Coordinator API :xb24-ZB version 21A7 ,PANID =2002 , SP =7d0,SN=9
The end device is correctly joined to the PAN by the coordinator otherwise i should not receive any packets.

Did anyone tried this configuration before ?
Are my devices damaged or what ?
Could it be a problem of end device’ firmware?

Again thanks for your support and hope you can help me about this trouble.

Look at your PO parameter.