How do I change the new XBee S2C TH SleepMode from Sleep to Always on?

How do I change the new XBee S2C TH SleepMode from SleepCycle ever 28sec to Always on?

I’ve started XCTU and opened the ZigBee Coordinator API Console and can see the Xbee S2C TH End Device sending back packets of data every 28 seconds as programmed so I know it is on the network and working as it should Frame: IO Data Sample RX Indicator.

I have the Digi XBee USB XSTICK2 ZB as ZigBee Coordinator API running Firmware Version 21A7 on USB Com8. I’ve configured the XSTICK2 ZB:
SN 3

I have the Digi Xbee S2C TH XB24CZ7WIT-400 revA as an End Device running Firmware Version 4059 on USB Com10. I configured the Xbee S2C TH
SM SleepCycle
SN 3

I cant get XCTU to discover the Xbee S2C TH End Device or recover using bootloader.

Can you help?

That is because an End device by definitions sleeps. Try using the Router AT code instead.

The End Device is configured as a Low Powered (Battery Operated) Telemetry device relaying analog values back to the Coordinator API. The Sleep Mode enables the device to work on a single CR123A 3v Lithium battery for over 1 year.

As the sleep period was long and the wake period was set to a minimum the Coordinator couldn’t establish communications allowing me to reconfigure the device.

To solve this problem I connected the XBee S2C TH Unit to the USB Adapter and ran the XCTU v6.2 application. When I selected to USB Port I also had to GND pin 5 (RESET) which caused the XBee S2C TH to reboot and start listening again.