Sleep mode problem

I am using the XBP24-B firmware in my xbee pro modules.I want to minimize power consumption.I want the end device sleep most of the time (sleep for many hours),since data transmission is not often.Is there any way to wake up it ? Which sleep mode should I use?

You can use either pin sleep or cyclic sleep to do this. In pin sleep modes (SM=1 or 5), the module will wake when an IO pin (pin 9) goes low. In cyclic sleep modes (SM=4 or 5), the module will wake after a specified sleep period and remain awake for a short time before returning to sleep. (See SP, SN, and SO commands to set the sleep period, and the ST command to adjust the wake time for cyclic sleep modes.)

If you have an external microcontroller that can decide when to wake and sleep the XBee, then pin sleep might work well. Otherwise, if the XBee must wake periodically and sleep for a period of time, cyclic sleep might do.

Also, if you will be using many end devices, or if the end devices can move around in the network, you should strongly consider upgrading to the XBee ZB ZigBee-PRO firmware (version 2x41).