hello please help me to configure the sleep mode i wonder why i cant wake up my module from the pin sleep…
Im using xbee zb… i read the manual for this… When Sleep_Request
goes high, the module enters sleep mode once any pending transmissions have finished. The
module remains in a low power state until the Sleep_Request pin goes low.

so… what i did is i configure i/o settings having a digital out, high and low… but then nothing happens… am i doing it right? thanks for those who will response…

You got old firmware 2821. You might want to try updating (2841). You can get it on the digi website.

I got it working here. Here’s my config file. I don’t see any obvious differences other than the firmware version.

For my testing I had the xbee on the digi (maxstream) prototype board. I applied 3.3v to pin 9. That forced the module to sleep. I then grounded pin 9 and the unit woke up.


Post your configuration file. I’d like to take a look at it. Perhaps something is missing there.

You can generate it from XCTU -> modem configuration -> Profile -> save.


Is there any way to reduce te awake time below 100 ms? How if possible or why if its not possible?


… from the default of
function set:zigbee end device AT

what i just configure is the >
*sleep mode - 1 Pin hibernate
*I/O settings >

  1. D1 = 4(digital out, low)
  2. D2 = 5(digital out, high)
    (i just used this to try and check wether the module recieved an input high and low to the pin sleep. but unfortunately it didnt work.

anything missing?

What exactly is connected to the sleep pin?

@johnf it is connected in pin D1 or D2…
@kjensen8 i update my firmware but unfortunately when i am trying to set it back to NO SLEEP it didnt work and got an error. does the latest version doesnt support NO SLEEP MODE?

The 2x21 does not support NO SLEEP but a new firmware will be out soon that will implement the NO SLEEP option.

omg… i need it… to bad i update all my xbee with that firmware O_O… so when will it be release?

> The 2x21 does not support NO SLEEP but a new firmware
> will be out soon that will implement the NO SLEEP
> option.

Is this still true in 2941?

That’s the version I have and when I try to set SM (Sleep Mode)to 0 the 0x88 AT Command Response Command Status byte returned is 03 = Invalid Parameter.

Can you confirm that 2941 does not support SM = 0?


You say the sleep pin is connected to D1 or D2. Surely when the module does go to sleep it will stop driving those pins, so that form of connection can never wake it up?

@johnf i already got it running… the module doesnt disable those pin when the module goes sleep… when pin9 is connected to pin d1 low it wakes up… now my problem is to wake up the ZB module remotely. i did not know how to work it out. i cant configure the atir, atit, atiu, atia… what should i do now? thank you guys… well anyway is this possible?
hope you can help me with this one and im looking forward…

The module can’t be woken up remotely. It will either wake up according to a schedule set via its cyclic sleep settings, or by pin wake if configured for that option.

hmm… so its not possible… but maybe it is possible for the module to remotely get into sleepmode? right?

Yes, you can configure a module to enable sleep mode remotely, but once set, it behaves accordingly.

so what command should i consideR?

Confirmed. 2941 is an End Device firmware, and will only support sleep modes, not turning them off. For SM=0, you’d need the API Router firmware 2341 (sticking with the API type of 2941).

The lowest settable value using the latest released ZB firmware is 1 x 1ms, so it can certainly be set much lower than 100 ms, but in practical use it might actually stay awake longer than that period.

The reason is that it can take the module up to 100 ms to poll for any data which needs handling when the module awakens during “ST”. The module is going to stay awake until its done its poll, at which time it will go back to sleep if ST has expired, or stay awake “ST” time then go back to sleep if not.