Discover node problem

I am facing a problem with the discover node functionality of digimesh.
I have a synchronous sleeping network. What I observed is when a ATDN command is issued in the end of a wake cycle to a synchronous sleep node, the node won’t sleep until the next wake cycle.
For example, if my wake time is 10 seconds, and I issue an ATDN command in the 9th second, the node won’t sleep. The NT parameter is set to it’s minimum value

Which XBee product and firmware version are you working with?

I am working with xbee 868lp and I have installed the latest firmware version (8074).

Sounds like you are not using Synchronous sleep.

Yes I do. One device is configured as sleep support and sleep coordinator (SM = 0x7, SO = 0x1) and a node configured as synchronous cyclic sleep and non sleep coordinator (SM = 0x8, SO = 0x2). I didn’t mention it, but what I observed is that when a issue an ATDN command on the end of the wake cycle, the node won’t sleep until the network wakes and sleeps again

I think that is because the module is in AT command mode until the command completes. So no it is not going to cycle to a sleep state.