900HP DigiMesh Bug? - Find Neighbor Prevents Sleep

When running xbee hp900 in digimesh synchronous sleep mode and locally (on a remote device with SM= 8 ) issuing an AT=FN, find neighbor, command the xbee stays awake for multiple sleep cycles (3-4). During this time the xbee continually consumes around 35ma for multiple sleep cycles (i.e. it does not go into a low power sleep state when the network is sleeping). During this time there is no associate led indication. This increases our power consumption to the point where we cannot use FN however we must be able to find the xbee neighbors. Does anyone know if there is a work-around for this? Or am I missing something?

Thank you!

Check your NT command value. You may need to adjust it so that it is less than your Wake time.

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Thanks mvut. The manual says for NT: “Node Discover Timeout. The amount of time a node will spend discovering other nodes when ND or DN is issued. This value is used to randomize the responses to alleviate network congestion.” I didn’t think to use it for FN, but it works! I set it to the minimum 0x20 (3.2 sec) and it seems to be working fine for me. Thank you!