Problem with an asleep Xbee 2.4 Digimesh to configure

Hello, I need some help because i put my xbee 2.4 Digimesh on sleep mode (4), and now I can´t connect with XCTU to the Xbee module to change some parameters.

How can I do that?


I would suggest using a 2nd module that is configured as an Asynchronous sleep router (CE0) and API mode mode to use the remote AT command function to modify the desired settings.

Thanks for your response mvut, but I dont know how to do that, can u explain me some more about this?

I need to know what is the comand on HEX that i should send with other xbee to change the mode sleep 4 to mode sleep 0 (no sleep)

Could you give me that comand, thanks

Before I spend a lot of time writing the Full directions from start to finish, can you tell me what part of the process you are not sure of? XCTU should help you through most of it.

Thank you mvut, I will explain what I am doing at this moment:

I have one asleep xbee which is in sleep mode 4, and I am trying to connect to this xbee using another xbee which isn`t sleep, (mode 0 of sleep-normal mode) and this xbee is in API mode 1.

When I put the button in xctu, Discover radio nodes in the same network, I can´t see the asleep xctu.

I tried to do the same to connect to a non sleep xbee, and I was succesfully connected to the no sleep xbee.

So I dont know if I need to configure something especial to connect to the asleep xbee, or what can I do at this moment.

If I recall, when using SM 1, 4 and 5, all you need to do is set the SP and ST times on both the parent and end device. Then send data back and forth based off of either the Address fields or addresses in the API frames.

When a radio is in a sleep state, you will not see it in a Node Discovery. Node Discoveries will only be seen while the radio is awake and the ND command was issued while it was awake.

Could you explain me how to do that sending, but I need to awake the xbee that is sleep at this moment, because was an error sleep that xbee.

If you did not want the one node to be in a sleep state, then I would suggest you either use the XBee Recovery function in XCTUNG or you place a node in API mode, then use the API interface and command structure in XCTU to issue the SM0 command to the module in question.