How to exit sleep mode using command API function

Hi, I’m accidentally change the SM(Sleep Mode) to 4, and ST(Time before Sleep) to 1 .
Now my XBEE S2 just sending one digital I/O pin’s state to a Coordinator every 1 sec using END DEVICE API mode (Which I programming it to do). And I can’t read or write settings to my XBEE with XCTU using a USB to UART converter, because after sending I/O state to the Coordinator, it just get into sleep mode.

The only way I can found is to use the type 17 remote to change the configuration in the XBEE S2, but it just came back with Status:02(Invalid command)

Am I doing something wrong? or another way to do in order to make XCTU to communicate with XBEE S2?

Here’s the screen shot:

You are going to need to use the API interface from your Coordinator and issue a Remote AT command to change the SM command on that sleeping remote.